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Tired of walking on dirty, stained floors?

It’s no secret that over time, no matter kind of flooring you have, it can begin to show wear and tear from daily life. Your floors take a large number of beatings as the years go by. When they start to show signs of it, you’ll want to get your tiles/floor professionally cleaned to ensure they last longer instead of breaking the bank to replace them. Flooring can be expensive but having them professionally cleaned and restored is much cheaper.

You could ruin your floors if you let an amateur clean them! If you have tile and grout, wooden, marble, or cement flooring that needs to be cleaned, you’ll want to contact a professional cleaning company. Floor cleaning services are specialized according to the type of flooring, age of the flooring, and more. There are specific ways to handle the cleaning of each kind of flooring listed, and our certified technicians are properly trained to handle them all.

We have trained technicians who are IICRC certified meaning they have the knowledge it takes to assess the type of flooring you have and choose the best cleaning methods and tools to get the job correctly.

Steam Wells has restored some of the worst floors imaginable! We are a professional cleaning company that has dealt with all different kinds of ruined floors. Our certified technicians are trained to come into your home, access the type of floors you need to be cleaned, then best decide which type of cleaning methods and tools they will need to use to get the floors cleaned efficiently without doing any type of damage to them in the process.

When cleaning certain floors such as wooden floors and cement floors, you have to be extra careful in the machines and products you use to clean them to ensure they remain in excellent condition.

Tile Cleaning service by Steam Wells
Tile Cleaning service by Steam Wells

Not only do we handle residential floor cleaning, but also take on commercial floor cleaning. If you have a business or office that needs floors cleaned, our certified technicians can handle the job.

Let our technicians tackle your floors and restore them to brand new. Our professional cleaning company has proudly served customers for years. Our certified technicians have restored some of the worst floors around quickly and at the most affordable cost. To learn more about our floor cleaning services or to schedule your floor cleaning, contact us today.